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LGBT+ Amino is the largest and most active pride community on Amity. We support all members and will love you no matter what sexuality, gender, or background you come from! __________________________________________________ Whether you are gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning, LGBT+ Amity will be here to support you through the good times and bad. Let us be an escape for you to express your true self! __________________________________________________ Meet other LGBT+ members from around the world, Chat with welcoming friends and mods, Share and listen to our experiences, and do so much more in our community. __________________________________________________ > This is not a dating community, so please don’t come here just to ask for a date or hookup. > Nudity, harassment, bullying, and drama will NOT be tolerated here. > Please read and be respectful of Amity’s Guidelines. __________________________________________________ Do you have Twitter or Instagram? Follow our discreet social media for the best updates

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